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About Pat
A warm welcome from me: Pat of HandCraftsByPat. I am a self-taught artist of decorative painting who has always had a passion to “Create to Decorate”. Although I have been following my creative flair in a wide genre for a long time, decorative painting has been my passion for a number of years. I find nothing more fulfilling than to take a blank “canvas” and transform it into a stunning and unique piece of art. I hand paint on a variety of surfaces including candles, vases, plates, pottery, wood…just about anything I can get my hands on..
Some of my favorite decorative painting artists, whom I admire for their whimsical designs and blossom styles, include Donna Dewberry of One Stroke Painting, Jaime Mills-Price of Between the Vines, Jo Sonja, and of course Priscilla Hauser for her love of flowers, especially roses.
I reside near “The Queen City” - Charlotte, North Carolina. Always to be found at my side, is my loving bundle of fluff, Andromeda. Following in my footsteps of creative art is my “jewel” of a daughter, Becky. To experience her unique, one-of-a kind beaded jewelry, accessories and painted furniture, visit her website at www.ACuriousCollectionIndeed.com.
My inspiration and imagination comes from Mother Nature’s backyard that holds an endless rainbow of color, fantasy, magic and enchantment. When looking at the sky, could that fluffy white cloud have just taken on the appearance of a fairy castle nestled under a veil of frost. Did I really hear the faintest giggle coming from the butterfly gliding through my flower garden? Could the nearby shadows be from lions and tigers and fairies? Oh my!
I hope you enjoy taking a tour through my catalog of unique, one-of-a-kind hand painted and personalized works of art. May you find a unique gift for a friend, something to celebrate a special occasion and something to treat yourself.. All of my hand painted pieces are designed and individually signed by me: HCBPat.
My mission – well that’s easy – To brighten your day and bring a smile to your face, warmth to your heart and a touch of beauty to your life with a hand painted gift from my heart to yours.
As I am continuously inspired by new ideas, please visit often. You may be surprised.
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