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Candle Corsets
Candle Corsets are unique accessories that beautifully adorn a boring pillar candle. Wrapping snugly around the middle, fitting like a corset, it transforms an ordinary candle into a work of art.
Styles of Candle Corsets include: Rosette and Love and Wedding Memory.
Rosette Candle Corsets
Rosette Candle Corsets features a rosebud vine which is hand painted on a background complimentary to the delicate rosebuds. To add a feminine touch, pearls and lace adorn the candle corset, along with satin ribbon. The finished product fits snugly around the candle by lacing up the back.
FEATURING: Blushing Rosette
The background of Blushing Rosette has been hand painted on fabric-like material in a blushing shade of pale pink. A compliment of delicate rosebuds on a vine are hand painted around the corset . Lace, pearls and satin ribbon complete the piece to resemble a lovely piece of lingerie.
Love and Wedding Memory
Love and Wedding Memory Candle Corsets are intricately designed to include poetic lyrics, along with hand painted customized embellishments, which have a special meaning for the couple.
The Design
Love and Wedding Memory Candle Corsets feature the customer’s selection of poetic lyrics, which is printed on fabric-like material. Interlocking hand painted hearts in your choice of color contain the names of the couple. Choice of graphics and a complimentary color of satin ribbon border the top and bottom edges. The completed piece then wraps around a 6” pillar candle by lacing up the back.
The Personalized Gift
  • An extra special gift to the Bride and Groom.
  • A distinctive gift to the special couple celebrating their Wedding Anniversary, be it their first or their 50th, taking a journey down Memory Lane.
  • A gift from the heart for a special couple honoring their love.
  • A Memory
The Poetic Lyrics
  • Wedding song
  • Wedding vows
  • A favorite poem
  • A classic song
  • An inspired composition
  • A saying that makes you smile
  • Whatever your heart desires
Additional individualized designs of the Love and Wedding Memory Candle Corsets can be seen in the Featured category of Pat’s Catalog.
Candle Corsets will make a beautifully unique compliment to table decorations for a Bridal Shower and Wedding Reception, personalized to match the bride’s flowers and bridal party colors.
Candle Corsets will make unique personalized gifts for Bridal Showers and Weddings, Anniversaries, Holidays, Birthdays or any occasion that you want to be extra special. Candle Corsets will make a unique addition to a gift basket or beautiful accent for your home.
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