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Unique Gifts - Candle Corsets Candle Corsets
-Candle Corsets -
Candle Corsets are individually unique hand painted accessories that beautifully adorn a plain pillar candle. Wrapping snugly around the middle, fitting like a corset by lacing up the back, it transforms an ordinary candle into a work of art. Styles of Candle Corsets include: Rosette and Love and Wedding Memory.

Unique Gifts - Glassware
- Glassware -
Hand painted glassware, including Plates, Champagne Flutes, Wine glasses and Martini glasses will make any festivity unique and memorable. Create a personal statement when making a toast at your next celebration or when designing a table setting for a special event. Order your custom designed, hand painted glassware from HandCraftsbyPat for your next special occasion.

 Unique Gifts - Clay Pottery
- Pottery -
Hand painted clay pottery will make a statement in your garden, dress up your front porch or make a beautiful display for your houseplants. Clay pottery is custom painted in your choice of color and design, in whatever your style might be…bold and sassy…bright and cheerful…soft and dainty…cute and whimsical. Be the envy of your neighbors with hand painted clay pottery from HandCraftsbyPat.

Unique Gifts - Painted Candles
- Candles -
Candles do not have to be plain in appearance. They can be as distinctive and individualized as you are. The decorating of your environment expresses your unique personality. Hand painted candles displayed in your surroundings will add to an expression of individuality. Order a custom designed, hand painted candle from HandCraftsByPat and express your personal style.

Unique Gifts - Painted Vases
- Vases -
HandCraftsByPat offers beautiful, individually designed, hand painted Vases in a variety of styles and unique design and garden inspired creations. All are original one-of-a kind works of arts. The vases displayed in Pat’s Catalog include a variety of shapes and sizes, and are a sampling of custom designed artwork following the customer’s request of design and color.

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